Hollywood's Famous Nip Slip Moments: From Heidi Klum, Nicki Minaj to Lindsay Lohan [PHOTOS]


When you're a famous celebrity in Hollywood, nothing about your life is completely censored, even th embarrassing nip slip and wardrobe malfunction moments.

There have been countless of mishaps that involved celebrity wardrobe malfunctions and each and every time, the public enjoys making a frenzy out of it. From starlets like Lindsay Lohan, models like Heidi Klum and performers like Nicki Minaj, those nip slip moments will not go unnoticed.

Previous weeks ago, Nicki Minaj created a buzz when she had an oopsie moment while shooting for her latest music video. The "American Idol" judge was dipped in a pool when the unfortunate nip slip moment happened as she tried to comb her hair back. Armed with her dangerous curves, the plunging neon swimsuit that she was wearing wasn't able to contain her bosoms.

Last week, Heidi Klum falls as the latest victim for an unfortunate bikini nip slip. The supermodel was on a holiday with her family in Hawaii when she encountered a close emergency that prompted her to jump in the ocean and save her son Henry from the waves as one of her nannies.

Although it was a heroic moment from Klum, she didn't escape the vicious cameras of paparazzi. The photographers were able to capture Heidi Klum's nip slip moment as it happens.

Browse through the gallery above to recall some of Hollywood's famous nip slip moments.

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