Holiday in Hell: Flesh-Eating Parasites Attack Aussie Couple on Bolivia Vacation

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All that Sydney resident Ally Vagg and her boyfriend Bryan Williams was a good yearend holiday, so they went to Bolivia for that. A rich culture and scenic spots like these video clips would surely attract Aussies to spend a few days in this South American paradise.

However, their dream vacation turned out to be a nightmare in hell because they were attacked by rare flesh-eating parasites.

The couple initially thought they were suffering from mosquito bites which are one of the common maladies tourists to South American countries suffer. However, the pair initial felt something squirming under their skin and something poking its head out of the open wounds which turned out to be human bot fly infection like those found in this video (WARNING: SENSITIVE IMAGES).

Ms Vagg and Mr Willliams disclosed that they have pulled seven of such worm-like larvae from wounds on their stomach, back and legs while in Bolivia. To worsen their situation, they had to overcome language barriers since doctors spoke only Spanish and a backward medical system in Bolivia.

The infection is caused by the fly larvae living under their skin and feeding on their flesh. The maggots eventually crawl out of the host body and turn into large densely haired bot flies the look like bumblebees. Up to 50 eggs of bot flies could live in each wound.

Similar to mosquitoes, the fly deposits its eggs through a carrier insect and the larvae enter the human host's unbroken skin when the carrier lands.

"I lifted my shirt to see the head of it crawling at the top of my skin looking like a worm or fishing bait," quoted Mr Williams.

Mr Williams taped his stomach wounds to starve the larvae of air and draw them to the surface. The couple may need to undergo minor surgery to remove the larvae. They must remain in Bolivia at least until mid-February for full healing and hope to return to Australia in late February.

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