Hokkaido U Research Spots Flying Squids at Speed Faster Than Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt

3 Popular Squid Recipes

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With an average record time of 10.31 metres per second run, Jamaican runner Usain Bolt bagged the gold medal in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, Britain. However, a Japanese researcher discovered that a sea creature could beat Mr Bolt's record at 11.2 metres per second.

Jun Yamamoto, researcher Hokkaido University, disclosed over the weekend that discovery of the Neon Flying Squid's ability to shoot off the water at high speed, open its fins to glide up to 11.2 metres per second and fly a distance of about 30 metres.

He explained that the squid flies to avoid predators. Mr Yamamoto and his team, who published their study about the squid in Germany's Marine Biology science magazine last week, discovered the squid's ability to fly while tracking in July 2011 a crowd of about 100 squids in northwest Pacific, 600 kilometres east of Tokyo.

When their research boat approached the squids, the sea creatures which measure about 20 centimetres, launched into the air by using a powerful jet of water that shot out from their stems. He said the fins and the web between the squid's arms create aerodynamic lift and keep the squid stable on its flight path.

"There were witnesses who said squid were seen flying. However, no one had clarified how they actually do it. We have proved that it is true."

However, with their ability to fly, the squid becomes vulnerable to other predators such as sea birds. Whether it is on air or under the water, the squid is a food source for humans and is a popular among Asians.

It can be cooked as stuffed squids, stir fried, stewed mixed with vinegar and as mixed with salt and pepper, which is a popular appetiser.

Here are three popular recipes for this sea creature known also for its strong odour and black ink that could be utilised in some of the dishes such as this Filipino food.

Done the Korean way

and calamari way as demonstrated by the Aussie griller..

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