‘The Hobbit’ Received Praises from Twitter Reviews after New Zealand Premiere

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"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" had its red carpet premiere in Wellington, New Zealand on Wednesday where thousands of excited movie viewers attended the event. Afterwards, an outpour of positive reviews rapidly spread on the social networking site "Twitter."

The strict prohibition on releasing "The Hobbit" movie reviews did not prevent the thrilled audience from posting their opinion on Twitter. Based on the comments, it appears that "The Hobbit" is a commendable prequel to Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. For that reason, it is expected that more fans will not mind standing on a long line when "The Hobbit" hits the cinemas on December 14.

"X-Men" director Bryan Singer posted on his Twitter account @BryanSinger shortly after the movie premiere. "Just saw #Hobbit. Having some serious frame rate envy. Amazing and involving. Loved it! And @ianmckellen118, my friend, you are brilliant!" Singer wrote.

"Hobbit premiere was excellent! Thanks all !!! Enjoyed the film very much," composer Steven Gallagher also posted on @SteveG_Music.

Blogger Kylie Klein @KokoKabana posted: "The #Hobbit is everything I could have hoped for. Perfection. TWO MORE FILMS PLEASE. #3SR. I loved it. Transported. Already deeply, massively in love with Thranduil and he was only on screen for about three seconds."

Steven Joyce, a New Zealand Parliament member, also attended "The Hobbit" movie premiere. "Really enjoyed #Hobbit Unexpected Journey world premiere. Masterful movie. Congrats Sir Peter Jackson et al. Privilege 2 be there #HobbitNZ," Joyce posted on his @stevenljoyce Twitter account.

Carter Nixon, also a New Zealand movie audience, had nothing to say but admiration for Peter Jackson's work on the film. "I just saw and enjoyed The Hobbit. It's great." Nixon wrote on @CarterNixon. In additional Twitter messages, Nixon added: "I am not giving away any particulars. Staying vague until it opens but I dug it. A lot. Yeah everyone seemed to have loved it. Great atmosphere in theatre. It's a lot of fun."

"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is scheduled for a release in Australian cinemas on December 26.

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