'Hobbit House' To Be Demolished, Unsuitable To Countryside

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A real-life hobbit house in Crymych, West Wales, built from natural materials will unfortunately be demolished after councilors deemed it was unsuitable to the countryside's impact on sustainable development.

Married couples Charlie Hague and Megan Williams built the eco-friendly "Hobbit House" called "Glandwr" in 2012 on a private land owned by Mr. Hague's parents. According to Telegraph UK, the couple moved in to the house on Pembrokeshire hills because they wanted to live "an older and simpler way of life." However, the house became a controversial topic among councilors in Crymych since it was built even after they declined the couple's application for retrospective planning permission.

A total of 100,000 supporters from around the world reportedly signed a petition to save the house from demolition. However, BBC reported that on Tuesday, planning officers ruled out the petition. Councilors also voted nine to four to finally have the house torn down.

The officers' report claimed the "Hobbit House" gives the wrong impression on the countryside's sustainable livelihood.

"Despite its relatively low visual impact it erodes the rural character of its surroundings and represents an unsustainable form of development," the report said. Additionally, planning officers claimed the house was built as an "unjustified residential development in the countryside."

Megan Williams reportedly appealed to the ruling committee with claims that the house is backed up by the "One Planet Development Policy (ODP) in Wales. According to Telegraph UK the ODP was created to inspire sustainable development. But her appeal was also denied.

Charlie Hague said they "were heartbroken" by the councilors decision to demolish the "Hobbit House" where the couple and their two-year old son live.

"We built this house to provide our son with a healthy environment to grow up in," he said.

The couple decided to build the "Hobbit House" since they claimed they couldn't afford to live in residential homes. They used to live in a mobile home but Megan claimed they prefer living in "Glandwr." She said a lot of effort from friends and family were put into building the house since they wanted to learn how to build an eco-friendly house.

The house on Pembrokeshire hills reportedly became popular because of its resemblance to the cottages featured in the highly-watched US movie "Lord of the Rings." Thus it was dubbed "Hobbit House."

Source: YouTube/MiddleOfMiddleEarth

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