Hobart Nude Swim Crowd Doubles to 500+

By @ibtimesau on

Over 500 Australians joined Hobart's second nude swim on Sunday, double the previous year's number of 230 midwinter swimmers. The event, Hobart's second winter solstice nude swim, is part of the Dark MOFO arts festival.

Kate Gould, executive producer of Dark MOFO, explained the doubling in number to last year's participants coming back and bringing friends.

Fortunately for 2014's nude swimmers, it was warmer this year as the temperature was around 7 degrees Celsius in the morning, while water was at 11C.

The participants came wearing on their red swimming caps, took off their towels and plunged themselves on the cold water in their birthday suit at 7:42 am. There were screams as the swimmers attempted t reach a row of buoys 50 metres off Long Beach at Sandy Bay, Sky News reports.

David Day, one of the swimmers, said, "You get your gear off and you're all the same ... You're just people, you're beings and all just sharing it together."

Police described this year's event as more organised, unlike in 2013 when the venue had to be moved to a different location. Hobart Lord Mayor Damon Davies thinks the city has the potential for becoming a nude swim destination in Australia.

"I think it could become one of the special events of the year and this whole beach will be taken over," he stated.


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