Hoax Alert: New Satirical Site Says Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight is Confirmed

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Another satirical Web site has joined the growing list of hoax story makers. However, a quick glance at the title of its articles is enough to give the discerning reader an idea that the portal carries fake news due to the absurd angles.

On Thursday, the site screamed with the headline: "Floyd Mayweather Jr. agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao!" Any serious boxing fan who has been following the Dream Match knows that even a Twitter challenge from retired heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali to Mayweather was not enough to convince Money May to meet the Filipino congressman on the ring.

Besides, Mayweather had already set Sept 13 as the date for his next fight, although his opponent has not been identified yet, while Bob Arum, Top Rank boss, just moved the next fight date of Pacquiao to Nov 23.

Clicking the About Us Section of Manila Livewire will confirm that the side is indeed not to be confused with real news. The section says: "This website is only for an entertainment purposes. It is a digital media group. Featuring satirical articles, contemporary issues, present stories, which are sometimes out of this world. It was only started late last May 25, 2014. The group are composed of experts, creative editors and writer comedians which uses only humorous techniques like doing and reporting ridiculed spoofs, joke, funny things on a wide range of imaginations."

The spoof news said that Mayweather agreed to fight Pacquiao because all his conditions were met.

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A legitimate sports news site, Linemakers, confirmed what the fans of the two boxers have known - that is they scheduled bouts in the later part of 2014, but their opponents have not yet been decided.

However, Arum is confident the Dream Match could still take place, probably in 2016 when Mayweather's deal with Showtime expires. He added it could even take place in 2015 if Showtime and HBO, its rival network, agree to hose the much-anticipated bout that would determine who really is the pound-for-pound king in the welterweight division.

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