HIV/AIDS Will be Reversed by 2015; Medical Researchers Nearing for Cure with Global Developments

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Medical researchers are closing in to find a cure for HIV/AIDS and the medical world formulated the possible output from many positive results and development globally. The United Nations's main goal is to halt and reverse the spread of AIDS by 2015.

United Nations Global Actions

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that the overall U.N. goal of halting and reversing the spread of AIDS will be met by 2015. But countries and communities currently affected by continuous widespread of the virus will require additional funds to fight back.

"In more than 56 states, we have stabilised the epidemic and reversed the rate of new infections. This is a human rights imperative and a public health necessity," the UN official said.

The World Health Organisation recently pushed new guidelines for health offices to pursue early antiretroviral therapy to those affected by the virus to prevent spreading further. However, certain nations are having difficulty spreading the antiretroviral drugs to infected victims, and according to UN, the therapy must be expanded.

Male Circumcision as Prevention against HIV

In certain countries such as Papua New Guinea, circumcision is now being encouraged by the World Health Organisation to  reduce the transmission risk of HIV/AIDS. Trained professionals in a sterile environment can reduce the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV in men by some 60 per cent.

"I'm not circumcised, but if it can prevent me from getting HIV, I'm ready," said Bob Akara in Gitanuga, a village of farmers about 40 km northeast of Goroka, Papua New Guinea.

Strong evidence exists on reducing HIV infection among heterosexual men in sub-Saharan Africa; the reduction rate is between 38 per cent and 66 per cent over two years. Other sexually transmitted diseases such as human papillomavirus or HPV, syphilis, cancroids and genital herpes have lower risk transmission rate in circumcised men than to those who aren't.

Bone Marrow Transplant

Bone Marrow treatment for cancer patients with HIV resulted to curing three men even if it is gruesome, expensive and life-threatening. Timothy Brown who was suffering from both HIV and leukaemia underwent bone marrow transplant and was lucky enough to receive a rare genetic mutation from his donor having natural resistance against HIV.

Experts are now looking into all possibility to contain and treat one of the world's most deadly epidemics to reach the ultimate goal - CURE!

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