HIV Cure: 'Complete Cure' Machine Invented To Treat Hepatitis C And HIV With 95% to 100% Guarantee

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HIV and hepatitis C are now treatable according to latest reports of two "miracle cure machines" developed by Egypt's armed forces. The machines can detect the disease for a minute and cure it for only 16 hours with 95 to 100 percent guarantee.

Miracle Curing Machine

Armed Forces of Egypt have invented two machines that can detect and effectively treat both hepatitis C and AIDS-causing virus HIV, according to Egyptian media. Around 18 millions Egyptians will benefit to this discovery against two of the most fatal diseases in history.

Sources of the Commentator noted the devices do not need to extract blood samples from patients to find the infection. One of the breakthrough devices is called "C Fast," which used to treat Hepatitis C while the anti-HIV machine is called "I Fast."

CCTV Africa reported I Fast brings 100 percent guaranteed cure against HIV while 95 percent at a time from C Fast to treat hepatitis C.

Working Mechanism

C Fast and I Fast machines work similarly when detecting bombs that depend on the electromagnetic waves emanated by the viruses, either HIV or hepatitis C. Patients will no longer be required to give blood samples but instead zapped by something that looks like controller for radio-controlled vehicles.

Complete Cure machine or the two-in-one device comprised by C Fast and I Fast cures HIV and hepatitis C through purification where HIV viral loads are broken down to amino acids then flush back the blood to the patient's body, almost similar to dialysis. Apparently, the procedure from the machine during testing and purification holds zero adverse effects on the patients.

Complete Cure inventors also claimed the treatment may not be as fast depending on the degree of infection. Some patients with early stages of HIV may be cured in 20 days while others in late stages may need up to six months of continuous treatment.


International scientific communities are now having great deal of doubts on the Complete Cure machine. Emma Thomson, specialist in infectious disease at the University of Glasgow, cannot find any evidence to support claims of instant or 100 percent effective cure to any kind of viruses.

"I can find no evidence to support the claims that this device detects hepatitis C or any other viruses as mentioned in the patent, nor any clear theoretical rationale for how it would work," her reaction for BBC Trending quoted by Updated News.

Complete Cure is already approved by the Egyptian authorities and the Armed Forces are now seeking approval from the U.S. and Europe to gain global recognition. It will also be available soon to all military hospitals in Egypt by June 30.

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