Hillary Clinton Blames Her Failure as Wife for Husband’s Affair with Monica Lewinsky

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Hillary Clinton blamed it on her failure as a wife. She revealed to her best friend that she herself may had a role in former U.S. President Bill Clinton's widely-known scandalised extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Diane Blair, Ms Clinton's best friend, was a professor of Political Science. She passed away in 2000. However, she had regular communication with Ms Clinton since 1970s. The regular correspondence, memos, interviews and journal entries related to Ms Clinton; which Ms Blair possessed, throw significant light on the iconic affair in the history of U.S. politics. The affair may even be blamed for Mr maligning Mr Clinton's political career after his sexual relation with Ms Lewinsky at the Oval office was proven true.

Ms Clinton called Ms Lewinsky a "narcissistic loony toon" during a private chat with Ms Blair. She also called her a "nut case" while she blamed her husband's affair on the loneliness of his job as the president and politics along with her own failure as a wife. Ms Blair wrote that Ms Clinton considered herself "not sensitive enough" to understand the price Mr Clinton was paying. Ms Clinton, on the contrary, did not take responsibility for his affair. She felt that it was a significant "personal lapse" on his part.

Mr Clinton, eventually, admitted that he did have an affair with "that woman" even though he had earlier denied repeatedly that he had sex with Ms Lewinsky. Ms Clinton had a chat with her friend after Mr Clinton's confession came up. She insisted that it was a consensual relation between the two. She also argued that he had not taken any advantage of Ms Lewinsky. The former first lady of the U.S. also applauded him for ending the affair with the intern.

Ms Blair's papers have been made public at the library of the University of Arkansas since 2010. However, it was published on Sunday, Feb 9, for the first time by the Washington Free Beacon.

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