Hilarious Parody of Justin Bieber’s Deposition Video Shown on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'

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Handout shows Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber in police custody in Miami Beach, Florida
Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber is pictured in police custody in Miami Beach, Florida January 23, 2014 in this Miami Beach Police Department handout released to Reuters on March 4, 2014. Bieber was charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and using an expired license after Miami Beach police say they caught him drag racing on January 23. Bieber pleaded not guilty to the charges. REUTERS/Miami Beach Police Dep

Seth Meyer showed a hilarious take on Justin Bieber's deposition video and apparently tried to justify the Canadian singer's audacious behaviour.

Meyer claimed that his version of Bieber's deposition would prove that the 20-year-old was responding to a lawyer's request even though he was highly criticised for being arrogant in the original deposition video. Meyer said that Later Night with Seth Meyerwas was able to get their hands on the "original unedited" tape. He said that Bieber's behaviour could be forgiven after watching his version.

What Meyer actually did was that he put an additional voice in the remixed version of Bieber's deposition. The voice apparently belonged to a dumb lawyer who even asked Bieber to wink at the camera. This is where things get funny as, unlike the original lawyer who asked technical questions, this lawyer asks rather silly questions and Bieber's reaction gets justified.

When the voice asks Bieber if he remembers who was behind the fence in Home Improvement, Bieber's reply to it does get justified. Bieber replied, "Guess what? Guess what? I don't recall". The fake lawyer asks another question to Bieber and makes him look like a mature adult. The lawyer asks if Bieber was too cute for rules, to which Bieber replied that the question did not make any sense. Then the lawyer asks Bieber to smile and wink for the record. Bieber follows his instructions obediently.

The original deposition, however, may have been a "set-up". That is what Bieber likes to believe, Page Six reported. The reason behind such assumption is how promptly the video has appeared online. The questions which were asked to Bieber in the deposition had nothing to do with the legal case, the source claimed.

Under the circumstances, Bieber may prefer the remixed version of his deposition to justify his conduct. Watch the original videos uploaded by TMZ here.

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