Hilarious Mom Knocking Over Baby with Her Butt in ‘Baby Booty Bump’ Video Goes Viral [WATCH VIDEO]

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Source: YouTube/Summer Knowlden

Dancing to T.I.'s hit song "Bring Em Out," shaking her body to the music and doing the moves, a young mom has been having an all out performance until her baby had the unfortunate timing to walk right behind her in time when she was doing a "booty-licious" twirk. Oops.

The 14-second video was apparently a video that has been a product of an accident, and there has been no intention of hurting anyone. The mom didn't even know what was coming. She didn't see her baby, and the baby probably didn't even know what was about to come next.

"I decided to enter an online dance off for moms, but was a little hesitant about posting a clip of me dancing on the Internet," Summer Knowlden wrote on the video's description.

"I wanted to practice a little before and this is an outtake from my 'warm-up.' It's too good not to share!!" the hilarious young mom added.

The video, which has now gone viral, was published on April 28, 2014. Reaching more than half a million views on YouTube in just two days, there have been high hopes that the "Baby booty bump" video will have more views in the next couple of days. And as it appears, based on Knowlden's YouTube account, it was the first video the young mom has ever uploaded publicly on the site, which makes her success even more hilariously surprising.

"Oh my gosh! You crack me up! Thanks so much for bravely sharing! You will make a million mom's day a little brighter, tomorrow when this starts to spread around," a woman named Samantha Walker wrote on the comment section of the video.

However, not all viewers of the video have given the same reaction. Some think the baby could have been hurt or 'why is the mom laughing' when apparently the baby was down on the ground?

"Our daughter didn't even cry; she just laid on the ground a little surprised. All is well :)" Knowlden reassured the audience through the description.

The viral video has now been featured in several news sites around the Web.

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