Hilarious Flight Attendant Safety Speech Turns to Comedy Stint, Video Goes Viral [WATCH VIDEO]

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Source: YouTube/Marty SWA flight attendant

If you have been on an airplane, you surely know how it feels like to be listening to the flight attendant as she talks about safety measures, fastening seatbelts, where the nearest emergency exit is, when to use your mobile phone and other pieces of advice before the take-off.

But if you haven't been on an airplane at all, this is your lucky day. Now is your chance to step on your first airplane experience without having to feel like you want to put your earplugs on and ignore the person speaking in front of you.

Thanks to a funny flight attendant from Southwest Airlines (SWA) who turns safety announcement into a standup comedy.

E! Online reported the flight attendant was Martha "Marty" Cobb, who had her comedy stint posted on YouTube with a title that describes the flight attendant as someone who is having a midlife crisis and would want to meet American talk show hosts, Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon.

According to Yahoo News, Marty is a 49-year-old flight attendant and a mother of three who enjoys making people laugh.

The hilarious video, which was published on YouTube on April 12 quickly went viral, leaving Marty with several descriptions, including funny, hilarious and even sassy.

Some people wished they were in her plane while some still thought it was "terribly unfunny." Either way, Marty of SWA has already attracted seven million plus views on YouTube with more than 25,000 likes.

"I've had flight attendants give funny dialogue like this before on flights (not as good as this one though), and interestingly enough they've always been on SWA. I love how SWA gives a bit of latitude to their employees to have fun at their job. It makes it fun for the passengers and certainly helps ease any tensions some may have about flying," Randy Aven commented on the YouTube video that went viral.

Aven also thanked Marty for posting the video. Nick OHara who also commented on the viral video said he hopes the SWA flight attendant's attitude is "encouraged on all airlines."

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