Hilarious Crazy ‘Deer Fart’ Video Goes Viral on Social Media

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Some things take time to be popular. For example, the video where a deer is seen (and heard) farting exceedingly loudly in the middle of a jungle was originally posted on YouTube on August 4, 2011. Even though it was viewed and appreciated during those days, it was not a major hit then. However, when it was shared on Reddit on January 24, 2014; it became viral.

The video was posted on YouTube by "jpiccinic". Incidentally, it was the very first video posted by the user. There is only one more video posted by the user on Dec 25, 2013 - that seems to be a normal Christmas gospel video recorded on a mobile phone. On the other hand, the "Deer Fart" video apparently has a more interesting content for some people.

According to the details on the video, the video was recorded on April 8, 2011 at 7:25 am. There is no further information present as the description only says "Deer Fart". It seems like actions speak much louder than words. In this case, action sounds much louder than expected. The video which was shared on Reddit by the user called "CarlCarleston" received rave reviews.

One user wrote: "I wasn't expecting to laugh so much, but I'm happy I did. The fart was loud, and the stance was professional; it couldn't be better."

A video originally uploaded to YouTube in 2011 is making a big comeback on Reddit. Why? Because farts are hilarious and witnessing a deer fart is like seeing a unicorn. Another user pondered over the entire process: "I was more surprised how an animal with no ass cheeks makes a fart noise. Also, how the sound was so distinct and clear so far from the camera." He got his clarification from another user: "It's not your cheeks that cause the fart sound. It's your sphincter. A deer may not have fat clappers, but he sure does have a sphincter." One wondered: "why a wild animal would try and fart loud, wouldnt it give away its position? He got an instant reasoning: "Maybe his buddy's were around. I always try to impress my friends with the decibels I can achieve."

The video has been watched on YouTube over 1,000,000 times already. Here is your chance:

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