Highly Rated Football Apps For Windows Phones

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A photo of a Windows Phone from Reuters
A photo of a Windows Phone showing an app on the screen. From Reuters REUTERS/Fred Pouser

The American football season started and WPCentral suggests some of the highly rated football apps for Windows Phone to keep users keep track of the scores, stats, news and videos of its favourite College or Pro team.

One of the highly rated apps that WPCentral included is the ESPN ScoreCenter because of its simple approach in delivering news to windows Phones and it has dedicated sections for user's favourite sports league like the NFL and the NCAA football. Its Lead Section is reportedly to highlight the latest scores, news and videos from different sports. The League Pages includes the scores, news, standings and videos. Users have the option to choose its favourite teams to put on the "My Team" page to have an easy access to the scores and news of its favourite teams. Users can pull up individual team info including the team's roster, schedule, stats and standings. Its Game information also show users the preview on Twitter feeds on the game, video highlights, scoring summaries and the stats and the recap. Toast notifications provide users news and game scores of its favourite team and the ESPN ScoreCenter Live Tile can deliver the news and latest scores on the windows Phone screen. The ESPN ScoreCenter app is available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices for free.

Next is the Football Pro '14 which is solely dedicated to NFL. It receives 4.5 stars in the store, according to WPCentral. This app delivers scores, news, team standings, live radio broadcasts and team rosters on Windows Phones. Users can create a profile and follow its favourite football team. It also has a Fantasy Playoff Prediction where users can pick the teams which it think can reach the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Individual teams can be pinned on the start screen so that users can easily access the latest news and toast notifications are available as well for team updates. Like the ESPN ScoreCenter, the Football Pro '14 app is also available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices for free.

The NFL Football Fantasy is another highly rated app that is suggested by WPCentral. For fantasy football apps, WPCentral has two choices, the ESPN Fantasy Football app and the NFL Fantasy Football app but it decided to choose the NFL Fantasy Football app because according to the report, it is the highest rated app. Users can join, create leagues and manage a team. The NFL Fantasy Football app is free for Windows Phone 8 users. Lastly, WPCentral suggests the Sports (Bing) app because it is reported to be a clean looking app. According to the same report, it is informative and easy to navigate. The Sports app delivers the sports news and it includes dedicated pages for the NFL and NCAA Football. It delivers scores, photo slideshows, news and videos from the sports team and leagues. according to WPCentral the down part of this app is that the team coverage coming from FoxSport.com because it does not fit for mobile use and it would be better if it looks neat on the screen but overall, it does not affect the app. Team and sports leagues can also be pinned on the start screen but it does not have toast notifications for fast updates. The Sports (Bing) app can be downloaded for free by all windows Phone 8 users.

WPCentral did not include NFL Mobile because according to the report, it is buggy but hopes that the app will be ironed out for it to be ready before the first NFL game starts for this year.

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