High iPhone 6 4.7 Demands Had Apple Inc. Seeking Additional Suppliers; NFC Technology Coming in Future iPhones, Analysts say

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Apple Inc. is reportedly launching the 4.7 iPhone 6 on August. Although the report had not been confirmed yet, decisions made by the company had rumour getting stronger as August nears.

The company had previously sought LG Display and Japan's Display Corporation (JDI) as its manufacturer of the 4.7-inch panels of the iPhone 6. But due to expected high demands and the release fast approaching, Apple Inc had chosen Innolux as its third supplier.

According to reports from Taiwanese sources, Apple chose from Samsung, Sharp and Innolux. It was the latter that won its approval. Samsung was dropped apparently because the Korean company, obviously, is the company's biggest competitor.

Sharp was also dropped because the review of its sample panels showed the material containing "Moire" which can render the panels faulty and vulnerable.

Innolux was chosen for its reputable record as one of the world's leading TFT-LCD suppliers since its founding in 2003. Innolux had been a reputable supplier for television and desktop monitors, notebooks and other mobile devices.

Meanwhile, an analyst at Morgan Stanley predicts that NFC technology will be incorporated into future Apple devices to support its mobile payments strategy, AppleInsider reports.

Analyst Craig Hettenbach noted that NFC is in its way of attaining an "inflection point" with numerous partnerships, potential licenses and patent fillings - the biggest with Apple.

Hettenbach mentioned a report citing an agreement between Apple Inc and China UnionPay, a Chinese interbank network, in utilising NFC payment scheme in the coming iPhones.

Unnamed sources had Hettenbach speaking about the company choosing a standalone NFC controller for future iPhones against Broadcom which had been faulty.

The analyst also predicts that Apple will choose an embedded credit card data with the iPhone mobile payments to avoid security issues. NFC has a radio and embedded secure element solution which is very compatible for this concept.

The news that the company will utilise NFC e-wallet technology in the future was first reported in March 2011 by The New York Times. But there had been no significant implication that the company is finally adopting the technology up to this very day.

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