Hidden Tricks for the HTC Droid DNA

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The HTC Droid DNA was released back in November 2012 and under the Verizon network. This Android device sports 5 inches of HD display, Corning Gorilla Glass 2, 2GB of RAM and 1.5GHz quad-core processors.

Most users just buy new Android phones for status to blend in with the tech trend. Only some Android users really know how to maximise their devices by learning and using the capabilities of their smartphones. HTC Droid DNA is one among many smartphones with hidden tricks that anyone can actually do. Here are at least 11 of them.

1.     Best Shot

HTC Droid DNA features an 8MP rear camera with LED flash and simultaneous HD video and image recording. The Best Shot feature is easily seen in the camera interface, but there are some users who don't know its full functionality. To create a selection for the Best Shot, hold the camera shutter to produce 20 shots from a rapid capture succession. Then select the Best Shot and the device will automatically choose the best image or you can keep the rest and find out yourself which is the best photo manually.

2.     Lock Screen Change

Changing the lock screen usually allows manipulation over the wallpaper and some texts being displayed. The HTC Droid DNA has more customisation features to offer. Go to the Settings > Personalize > Lock screen style. The Lock screen style is categorised according to what it will look like similar to profiles. Available styles include Standard, Productivity, Photo Album, Weather and Music.

3.     Disable the 3-finger Gestures

This feature is best for users who utilise the HTC Media Link HD. But if you are not one of those users, it is advisable to disable the feature to let other applications in your device to use the 3-finger gestures. Go to Settings > Display & Gestures > Uncheck the HTC Gestures

4.     Custom Scenes

This trick will allow a user to customise sounds, wallpaper and skin. Go to Settings > Personalize > Scenes. You can simply override one scene than overwrite it. Click Scene > New. After that, you can go back to the original or scene whenever you desire.

5.     Disable Fast Boot

The Fast Boot allows the device to boot up much faster but there is a disadvantage when it comes to this speed. It doesn't clear up the memory unlike the regular boot up similar to the Windows Hibernation feature. To turn this off, go to Settings > Battery > Uncheck Fast Boot.

6.     Phone Flipping

Whenever the phone is resting on the desk and it receives a call in during a conversation for example, flip its cover and the device will shut up. Flipping the HTC Droid DNA also does something during a call. Flip it over to turn on the speakerphone then flip it back to turn off the speakerphone.

7.     Two-Finger Scrolling

For users with a lot of contacts, two-finger scrolling helps by displaying a bunch of letters which a single-finger scrolling does not do. The feature allows faster navigation for long list of contacts.

8.     Slow Motion Video

One of the coolest features of a camera is capturing videos under slow motion. Go to the Camera > Scenes > Slow motion video. The only flaw is the major downside with video quality, but it is still under good lighting conditions.

9.     Swype-style Keys

The Swype keyboard is one of the famous types of keyboard system in the Android world, and the HTC Keyboard in the Droid DNA can have a similar style of input method. Go to the Settings > Language & keyboard > HTC Sense Input > Check Trace Keyboard to activate the Swype-style effect.

10.   Improved Battery Life

For HTC Droid DNA users, there are simple ways to boost energy especially during dire needs. Go to Settings > Display & Gestures. Disable the Automatic Brightness but put the default Brightness in minimum but visible. Turn off the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data if they are not being used to save more battery. Next go to Usage under the Battery Menu and close all apps that eat a lot of energy.

11.   Free your RAM

Applications that are constantly open consume battery, and they also eat resources which in the end lead to lower performance and low battery life. Press the Recent Apps button and then swipe all the applications you do not need to use anymore.

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