Here is How Google Maps Can be Used Even When Offline

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Google Maps is a must have for millions of users worldwide. It has emerged as one of the most used navigating tool though users run the risk of getting stuck in remote locations that don’t have access to cellular services. The map would simply black off or will tend to take forever to refresh in areas with faulty or no internet connectivity. That is unless users save the map for offline access. Thanks to CNET, we now know how that can be done.

To begin with, users will have to ensure they have the latest version of Google Map on their devices. The thing to be noted is that the feature is applicable to both Android and iOS. What’s more, the steps to invoke the feature are also the same for both the platforms.

With the latest version of the map installed, users will have to click the user profile button located to the right of the search box at the top. Next, scroll down to the bottom. There, users will have to tap on the ‘Offline Map’ followed by selecting the particular map they need to save.

Google has made it known that users have the option to save half a dozen maps in this manner. As mentioned in BGR, users can save a map as big as the Paris metropolitan area which will take up just about 5 MB of memory. The app also advises users to zoom in in case they wish to save a map covering a larger area.

BGR further explained that users can refer to these maps even when they are offline. However, users will be denied some of the usual Google Map features, which include satellite, terrain, 3D buildings and indoor maps. However, all of these can well be done without. Rather, it’s the availability of the basic map of a region that will no doubt be far better than to have none, more so if this applies to a remote location or a place that the user has never been to. However, the maps thus stored will remain in memory for a maximum duration of 30 days.

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