Henry Cavill 'Superman' as Christian Grey in Fan Memes [PHOTOS]


"Henry Cavill for Christian Grey" is the frequent shout-out of Cavill's fans on social networks. His photos and videos are either fan-edited for, or linked via comments to, "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie casting.

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Henry Cavill ‘Superman’ as Christian Grey in Fan Memes (via Instagram)

The film adaptation of E.L. James' erotic fiction series is still in the hands of screenwriter Kelly Marcel. There's still a very long way to go beyond the script, so fans are tiding themselves over with some funny memes and Grey-ish imaginations. A particular meme in web circulation jokes Cavill's fans would need a support group in case he does not get hired to play Christian Grey.

Henry Cavill: Superman has 'Super Fans'

Cavill's fans are not taking the Fifty Shades movie opportunity lightly.

"If Henry Cavill does not play Christian Grey, I shall die despondent and heartbroken," says one meme. In reality, however, Cavill will not have it so bad if he does not get the Grey role. He is, after all, this year's Superman, "Man of Steel" himself.

Henry Cavill as Christian Grey or Gideon Cross = Great News for Fans

There's a chance that movie outfits would also get film rights for Sylvia Day's erotic "Crossfire" series. Many reviews have noted the similarities between Day's and James' heroes, Gideon Cross and Christian Grey, respectively. Both men are gorgeous under-30 billionaires, sex demigods, and newly-turned romantics.

If Crossfire is reworked for film, Cavill's fans are also making sure as early as now that he'll get some attention for the lead role. Indeed, Superman Cavill has some very busy fans across social media sites.

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The 29-year-old Cavill is taking things one at a time. Right now, he is promoting Clark Kent. But Christian Grey will have his time in his mind once there are things to think about. For now, let the fans enjoy the memes until the Fifty Shades movie producers come up with casting announcements.

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