Hell Hath No Fury: Sterling’s ‘Mistress’ V. Stiviano’s Camp Responsible for Leaked Tape After Legal Wife Sued Her

Los Angeles Clippers NBA basketball team owner Donald Sterling attends the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills
Real estate mogul and Los Angeles Clippers NBA basketball team owner Donald Sterling attends the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California May 1, 2012.

It has been revealed that Donald Sterling's alleged mistress V. Stiviano's camp is the one responsible for the leaked tape of the Los Angeles Clippers owner's racist rant.

According to a report by Radaronline.com, if Donald's wife, Rochelle, hadn't filed a case against Stiviano, the 81-year-old American business magnate wouldn't have publicly shamed. "Shelly is partly responsible for her husband's public shaming," wrote the Web site.

A source further revealed to the Web site that a close acquaintance of Stiviano has leaked the tape as a revenge. "There is absolutely no question, if Shelly hadn't filed that ridiculous lawsuit against V., those racist comments never would have made public," the source claimed. "It was arrogant, ridiculous, and just bad legal judgment to even file the lawsuit," the source added.

Apparently, Rochelle wouldn't be able to recover the money and the property because they were Donald's gifts to Stiviano, the source further revealed. Rochelle will only be able to get those things if she had filed for divorce.

"Under California law, a spouse can't go after a mistress or lover and recover damages."

"Shelly could recover the money Donald spent on V if she filed for divorce, claiming he spent marital assets/community property on her."

Stiviano's lawyer Mac Nehoray, however, made it clear, that it was not Stiviano who released the tape. Nehoray said that Stiviano has no idea who could have done it, whether a close acquaintance or someone who had accessed to it and sold it to the media. Nonetheless, Nehoray said that Stiviano is taking the matter "very seriously and will defend herself."

Deadspin.com reported that Rochelle filed the case on March 7. Click here to read the entire lawsuit.

V. Stiviano's First Interview After Racist Rant Scandal

Stiviano appeared in her first television interview on May 2 on Barbara Walter's show on ABC. She revealed that she previously had similar conversations with Donald like the one on the leaked tape, but she explained that the leaked tape shouldn't be something that people should focus on. "Part of what the world heard was only 15 minutes, there's a number of other hours that the world doesn't know."

Stiviano said that Donald is not a racist, despite all the disputes surrounding his comments as heard on the leaked audio tape. "Through his actions, he's shown that he's not a racist."

"He's shown to be a very generous and kind man."

Hell hath no fury for a woman scorned. A fuming woman is a lot more treacherous than the sweltering pits of hell. Who do you think leaked the tape?


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