Helena Christensen Shows Off Apartment In Barely-There Clothes And Totally Nude Shots


Helena Christensen is giving us a tour of her New York apartment in the way that would surely get our attention! The 44-year-old former beauty queen proves that she's ageless as she shows readers of FutureClaw magazine the insides of her home and her scantily clad supermodel body.

Stripping off her confining clothes, Helena daringly let people inside her home while she posed for the camera in the clothes that she pulled from her own closet. Readers would be treated to the Danish beauty in different sexy lingerie sets, delicate laces, and see-through dresses.

Not all photos she took with photographer Gregory Derkenne featured her own clothes, though, because there's a shot where she wasn't wearing anything at all.

Aside from being a beauty queen (she Denmark at the 1986 Miss Universe pageant), supermodel (Gianni Versace once said she had the best body in the world), business woman (she co-founded Nylon magazine as its Creative Director), and former Victoria's Secret Angel, she is also a photographer.

And if she could choose a muse for her next photo session, she would pick two, namely Marion Cotillard and Julianne Moore, both of whom she finds "immensely beautiful."

"Marillon seems to be inside her own little illuminated bubble, so incredibly talented with breathtaking features, and Julianne has a grace, wit, and intelligence about her beauty that is very rare."

She also loves shooting co-model Natalia Vodianova because she has such an "awesome face and moves with such grace and elegance."

But unlike her contemporaries, Helena she highly values her privacy, which is probably why she has no social media presence. When asked if she would like to open accounts on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, and if she follows social media at all, she answered, "A big NO."

"I cannot and will not ever be able to engage in any sites of that nature. I do understand why those sites can be very useful to people, I even get why people end up more or less addicted, but they just don't appeal to me. I feel like I already know the people I want to know and care about."

Helena has a son, Mingus Lucien Reedus (born 1999), with actor Norman Reedus, whom she split from after five years of dating in 2003.

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