Helen Wood Rants At 'Big Brother UK' Producers Over Ugly Publicity Photo

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“Big Brother UK” announced Helen Wood as one of its finalists on June 6. Earlier in the day, Wood reportedly accused "BB" producers for her “Michael Jackson look" on her publicity photo.

On Friday, Helen Wood won an automatic spot as a housemate in "Big Brother UK" when fellow contestant and former rapper Pauline Bennet gave her an automatic bye. She became the first contestant in the 14-year history of "Big Brother" to win an automatic pass.

Earlier on that day as well, Helen Wood reportedly ranted at the "Big Brother" producers over her official publicity photo.

Helen Wood is thought to have been the target of past abuse regarding her sharply defined jawline. So when she saw her "Big Brother" official publicity photo posted on the lounge wall, she reportedly fumed. According to Dailymail UK, sources claimed Helen Wood accused the "Big Brother" show for intentionally picking an unflattering publicity photo that emphasised her strong jawline to stir up speculations about her sexuality (see photo at Dailymail).

A show insider also told Daily Star that Helen Wood had demanded the "Big Brother" producers to change her photo for a softer, more feminine shot to spare her more embarrassment.

"Helen was very angry and wanted to put a lid on this straight away. It can't have been pleasant for her," the insider said. The source added Helen Wood made a beeline for the Diary Room of the "Big Brother" house where she ranted at producers for the offending shot.

"I look like a man. I look like Michael Jackson," Helen Wood reportedly shrieked at producers.

According to the insider, Helen Wood is worried that when "Big Brother" fans see her publicity photo, they will think she is a sex swap like former "Big Brother" housemate champions Nadia Almada and Luke Anderson. Unfortunately, her worries were confirmed when a fan named "hotdirtygossbitch" posted her reaction to her photo on Twitter.

The insider continued Helen was also called to the Diary Room of the "Big Brother" house to be reprimanded for something that she had said (which Channel 5 refuses to reveal). When she returned to the lounge she reportedly said "It's like being back at school."

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