Height Doesn't Matter: Short Men Prefers to Have More Sex

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A Man Sleeps With His Jacket Over His Head
A man sleeps with his jacket over his head next to a couple kissing at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona July 7, 2012. Reuters

Women mostly tend to fall for tall dark handsome men.

But according to a recently published report, shorter men prefer to have more sex and most of them come across as good performers.

This striking observation reveals that men those who are about 5 feet 9 inches and under enjoy plenty of sex in better ways.

"When comparing men's sexual activity levels based on characteristics such as age, height, weight and health, the younger, fitter men tended to get more play," researchers said.

In spite of that they found it surprising that "coital frequency was higher among men with a height of less than 5 ft 9 in.”

The result is based on studying 531 men; all of them were aged between 20 and 54.

Amongst men who were found to have a coital frequency of more than 3.5 times a week, waist circumference revealed borderline association with lower sexual activity, while lesser height was strongly related to higher sexual activity.

"Obesity and metabolic diseases can cause all types of sexual function to deteriorate in older age, whereas their effects may not yet be prominent at younger ages (below 45 years)," the study observed.

In today’s stressful world, everyone should make an attempt to prevent obesity in order to improve quality of life and sexual health; the conclusion said in a paper that appeared in Discover Magazine.

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