Hefty Discounts from Microsoft to Improve Sales of Windows 8.1 Tablets: Dell Venue Pro & Lenovo Miix 2 $229, Toshiba Encore $249

By @ibtimesau on


Microsoft Store just cut the prices of three tablets running on Windows 8.1 because of poor sales. As a result, the 32GB Dell Venue Pro's price is now down to $229 from $299, while the 32GB Lenovo Miix 2 and Toshiba Encore's price tag is lowered to $249, also from $299.

With the price cut, the Venue Pro is now a competitor of the $229 Google Nexus 7, and with double the storage capacity to 32 GB while the Nexus 7 only has 16GB.

The lowered-price tables are powered by the Intel Bay Trail Z3740D, which is the same chip found inside the Asus TransformerBook 1100. Besides being more expensive, the T100 offers a bigger display of 10.1 inches, has a removable dock and up to 64GB storage.

While the Venue Pro8 does not have a 1920x1080 display like the Nexus 7, its 8.1-inch screen has a PPI of 186, higher than a standard desktop monitor.

In turn, Intel is expected to also benefit from the hefty price cuts made by Microsoft of these three tablets because it will boost faster adoption and will earn the processor maker more profit as more consumers purchase these Intel-powered tablets.

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