Hefty Cash Reward for Anyone Who Can Knockout Ronda Rousey


A cash reward worth $5 thousand dollars will be given away by mixed martial arts (MMA) apparel brand Americana for anyone who can knockout Ronda Rousey.

It all started on Twitter, but Fox Sports was one of the first news outlets to report the bulletin. Apparently, Rousey has dared Cris Cyborg for a fight, and she said some nasty comments. Rousey alleged that Cyborg has been using steroids for a long period of time. She even made further offensive remark saying that Cyborg is no longer a woman because of her steroid use, and she should be called an "it."

According to Rousey, she has no qualms fighting Cyborg. She said that she will only fight her because she wants to and it's her personal decision. She revealed that she also doesn't care if she's using steroid. What Rousey is worried about is the harm that Cyborg's alleged steroid use will bring to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She said it is not good for the UFC Women's Division.

"The division could die," said Rousey. "She could ruin the whole sport," she added.

Regarding the $5,000 cash reward, Fox Sports tried to reach out to Americana. However, Americana's owner, Peter Giannoulis, remained elusive for an interview, but he didn't bother to air his frustrations on Rousey through Twitter.

Rousey will try to defend her UFC Bantamweight Title against Alexis Davis on July 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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