Heavyweight Boxing Update: All Eyes on Big Daddy Browne And Alex Leapai

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Australia braces for the best boxing action in the upcoming heavyweight championship. Two historic fights are slated to take place in the same day.

All eyes are set on Daddy Browne to clinch the upcoming Commonwealth title. Browne has been ranked no.15 by IBF, WBA and WBC. The 34-year-old Browne also holds the records to beat James Toney, Travis Walker and Richard Towers and looked confident winning the Commonwealth games.

The last Australian to win boxing championship in Commonwealth games was Peter Jackson in 1892. Meanwhile, Alex Leapai has been practicing hard in the gym to defend the giant Wladimir Klitschko with body shots.

"Klitschko is going to get hit and he's going to feel my power,"  Leapai said. Cornerman of Leapai, Rick Thornberry praised the boxer and said there are possible chances to oust Klitschko in the upcoming title.

"Alex is a terrific body puncher and not a lot of heavyweights fight that way these days...If he can keep the pressure on Klitschko and keep banging away underneath he can bring him crashing down. I reckon he's got a great chance to stop Klitschko," Thornberry added.

 Leapai was meticulous in training as he practiced with tall boxers to adjust facing Klitschko's height as an opponent.

"We just have to monitor every little niggle...So close to the fight we don't want anything going wrong," Leapai added.

Meanwhile, Lennox Lewis, former heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist, said Alex Leapai have all the abilities to knock down Wladimir Klitschko in the championship match on April 27 in Oberhausen.

"It might be a surprise...Leapai is a good challenger. Every one of Klitschko's opponents hope to cause the upset but Leapai has a chance...It is very hard to beat Klitschko - but I wish (Leapai) luck," Lewis cited in the Web site sports.de.

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