Heavy Rain Floods NSW, Authorities Order Evacuation


Goulburn residents in NSW, Australia, were finally asked to evacuate from their homes as the water level of the river is rapidly approaching critical. Hundreds of residents from South of Sydney were requested to move to another place while rainwater continues to flood the city.

Around 370 houses in a town at Cooma were left by about 500 people, who were also ordered to evacuate. While some residents received an evacuation order, a warning is given to the residents of Queanbeyan, an area close to Canberra

The water from the two surrounding rivers has increased rapidly according to Steve Pearce, Deputy Commissioner of the NSW State Emergency Services (SES), in an interview by ABC Radio. He also added that the team has lost all readings from the river.

In the western part of Sydney, huge drapes of land are anticipated to be flooded by water coming from the Warragamba Dam, which has a risk to overflow for the first time in 14 years.

Authorities have advised people to transfer their properties to higher grounds. Livestock and other important items must be moved to a place that can't be reached by flood according to Phil Campbell, SES spokesman.

The water from the dam is expected to spill into the Hawkesbury-Nepean River, which is already swollen from the continuous rainfall.

Another dam that has a risk of a spill is the Jerrara Dam, close to Kiama. People nearby are now asked to prepare for evacuation. Around 10 properties are expected to be affected.

Pearce also said approximately 75% of NSW have either been flooded or possibly are affected by the flood. A huge area has already been negatively affected by the continuous rain. Authorities are still expecting more damages as this wet weather continues.

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