Heavily Pregnant Megan Gale Poses Naked on Marie Claire, Resembles Demi Moore on Vanity Fair

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Lu Libing touches the belly of his pregnant wife, Mu, as they pose for pictures during an interview with Reuters at their home in Ganzhou
Lu Libing touches the belly of his pregnant wife, Mu, as they pose for pictures during an interview with Reuters at their home in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province March 13, 2014. Lu knew he had only one choice as the birth of his third child approached. He couldn't afford hefty fines that would be meted out by Chinese authorities, so he put the unborn child up for adoption. On the Internet he found "A Home Where Dreams Come True", a website touted as China's biggest online adoption forum, part of an industry that has been largely unregulated for years. Demand for such websites has been fuelled by rural poverty, China's one-child policy, limiting most couples of only one child, and desperate, childless couples. To match story CHINA-ADOPTIONS/ Picture taken March 13. REUTERS/Alex Lee

Australian model Megan Gale is the latest celebrity to pose naked with baby bump. The 38-year-old heavily pregnant model does it for the cover of Marie Claire's May edition [See HERE].

Megan was pregnant for 30 weeks when she did the photo-shoot for the magazine. Her pose resembles quite like Demi Moore's. Just like Demi, Megan covers her breast with her right arm while looking straight into the camera. On the other hand, she kept her left arm on her thigh while Demi used her left arm to hold the baby bump. The nude pose of then-pregnant Demi on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991 has now become legendary.

Megan sports a "no make-up" look on the magazine cover which reads: "Megan Gale Revealed | Her Most Intimate Interview Ever". Her dark black hair is casually tied on to a ponytail. The grey background accentuates her complexion while her faint smile adds a lot of innocence to the nudity.

As expected, Megan's nudity does not provoke but motivates. We have seen several other celebrities pose nude while they are pregnant. While most of these women happen to be a seductress in their public image, they looked incredibly innocent while they posed with their baby bump. Miranda Kerr posed with her baby bump on Vogue. Miranda, unlike most other celebrities, decided to cover herself in clothes while posing for the camera.

Jessica Simpson posed for the cover of Elle. It was another Demi-like cover where Jessica covered her breast with her right hand and held her baby bump with her left one. Britney Spears posed for Harper's Bazaar. It was a different pose. She gave her front profile and crossed her arms to cover her breast.

Cindy Crawford posed naked with her baby bump for W in 1999. It was a monochromic photo where Cindy looked no less stunning than Demi who, by then became a benchmark for posing nude during pregnancy. One interesting trend among several celebrities is that they decide to show their left profile and cover their breast with an arm while shooting during their pregnancy. One beautiful exception, however, was Shakira.

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