Heartbleed Security Scanner Protects Android Users

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Android users have been in a dilemma for quite some time regarding Heartbleed.

The Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability present in the OpenSSL library, incredibly popular cryptographic software that is used to ensure private communication between the user and server. Many mobile applications will communicate with Web servers when validating account information or transmitting personal data.

The Heartbleed Bug has created a giant security hole that compromises users most sensitive personal data and account credentials. The users can now take a sigh of relief as KS Mobile announced the release of the CM Security Heartbleed Scanner to protect smartphones from the Heartbleed Bug. Heartbleed Security Scanner for Android helps detect whether your Android device is affected by the Heartbleed Bug in OpenSSL and whether the vulnerable behavior is enabled.

Heartbleed Security Scanner is not meant to fix this vulnerability as it will need to be patched by Google or the device manufacturer. This scanner is only meant to keep you informed about the status of your device. But the app developer confirmed it has never seen the Heartbleed vulnerability exploited on a mobile device.

This app will not detect whether any of the services or accounts like the apps and Web sites visited on the device are vulnerable. Heartbleed Security Scanner is only meant to detect vulnerabilities in Android, which means the operating system might be fine, but the Web sites that one is accessing might not. Continued usage of apps and Web sites that are vulnerable leads to the theft of your personal or other classified data.

"Heartbleed is one of the biggest web security events in recent history," Sheng Fu, CEO of KS Mobile, said.

"While most organizations have been quick to respond to the issue, others have been dragging their heels and putting their users' sensitive information at risk. Our new app, CM Security Heartbleed Scanner, informs our users if their smartphone or mobile apps are still using vulnerable communications and advises them to stay away until they have been fixed."

Heartbleed Security Scanner app is easily available for free on Google Play across the globe. It is exceptionally simple to use as there are no options, just open the app and it will automatically scan and detect whether the device is compromised.

Unfortunately, the simplicity means that it's incredibly limited and there's no detailed breakdown to see what apps could be affected, but it still works as a quick check in a pinch. 

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