Heart-Rending Video of "Unsung Hero" on Youtube Goes Viral

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Be prepared to shed a tear or two while watching the heart-rending video entitled "Unsung Hero" on Youtube.

This 3.05 minute long video produced by a TVC Thai Life Insurance already garnered over 8.3 million views and more than 74,000 likes in just one week. The insurance company has been successfully putting up advertisements with emotional touch just like this video.

The clip started with a man walking along a pavement who got noticed a pouring water from the gutter. He placed a dying pot of plant directly below the water. He then helped a woman pushing a food cart with difficulty and gave a piece of chicken to the dog nearby while he was eating.

 Then the man gave alms to the daughter sitting beside her mom on the street begging. A caption in Thai which is placed in front of the girl reads "For education". He also hanged a bunch of bananas outside the door of an old woman. On his bus ride, the man also let a standing women take his seat.

While the unsung hero is performing random acts of kindness, onlookers can be seen shaking head or showing disagreement to the man's actions.

The video stated that for doing his kind actions every day, the man gets nothing in return. He does not get richer and he won't be televised. He will remain anonymous and will not even gain fame.

So what does he gets then for his kindness?

The video continued that the unsung hero received what money cannot buy. The unsung hero received emotions and witness happiness from the people he extended with help. He reached a deeper understanding amidst the business of life.

The wilting plant he put below the water gutter grow bigger and has developed healthy green leaves. The woman whose food cart he helped pushed smilingly gave extra food to her customer. The dog he fed followed him home and become his pet. The old woman whom he gave bananas hug him with wide smile. The child he gave alms was able to go to school and learn to count. The woman whom he lent a set continued the ride with a satisfactory look on her previously tired face.

In the end, the video asked the viewers for their life's greatest desire.

Indeed, if the "Unsung Hero" in the video can make the world a better place, how about you?

 Watch the heart-rending video from Youtube.

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