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Weight Watchers Study Serves Up Diet Success On A Platter

In the first randomized controlled study of Weight Watchers participants, family doctors compared the commercial weight-loss program with standard care, and found that Weight Watchers was more than twice as effective.

Students sit in hammocks as they take part in an "antigravity" yoga class at the Om Factory in New York Yoga May Help in Management of Diabetes

Sep 09, 2011

The findings of a study conducted on 123 middle-aged and older adults, who added yoga classes to their standard diabetic care, yielded favourable results.

Carrie Bradshaw It's Official: Smoking is No Longer Cool

Sep 08, 2011

One in four Americans respect smokers less than nonsmokers

ina battling the bulge Study Sheds Light On Five Healthy Habits in Diabetes Prevention

Sep 06, 2011

A new study, which is said to be the largest of its kind to date, is among the first to explore how several healthy habits combined can prevent a higher diabetes risk.

A Coca-Cola bottle is seen with other beverages in New York CDC: Why Do Half of Teen Americans Consume Sugary Drinks?

Sep 01, 2011

Half of the U.S. population age two or older indulges in sugary drinks on any given day, new research finds.


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