"Haylor" Split: Taylor Swift Cancels Romantic Italian Birthday Surprise for Harry Styles [PHOTOS]


Taylor Swift went through another phase of her ill-fated relationship with the One Direction member, as she cancels her all-expense paid surprise for Harry Styles' birthday on Feb. 1.

According to reports, the country singer planned a romantic Italian escape for her now ex-beau, Harry Styles, before the break-up happened. Now, Taylor faced the sour task of cancelling the surprise, and the details are all out.

Swift planned and reserved a 5-night stay at the luxurious Palazzina Grassi, along Italy's Grand Canal.

"Taylor organized an all-expenses-paid trip before the split," an insider reveals to The Sun, as reported by Hollywood Life.

"She even arranged a private gondola for them for the entire time they would be there." added the source.

Taylor, among many things, has a knack in giving "her all" when it comes to her boyfriends. She once bought a house inside the Kennedy estate to be closer to Conor Kennedy after just two weeks of dating. She even crashed a Kennedy wedding despite being advised not to go there because she attracts unwanted publicity.

It's no surprise if Taylor planned the romantic Italian getaway just days after she and Harry hooked-up.  Now, Taylor might be starting to realize that trips are bad luck. The country singer and the British boyband member shockingly broke-up during a vacation at the Virgin Gonda islands. It is said that aside from personal differences, Harry left Taylor to get back with his ex, model Cara Delevigne. 

Taylor isn't just cancelling a romantic trip, it was also reported that she is focused on getting Conor Kennedy back in her arms. The blanket of controversies hovering over Taylor's personal life might just be getting thicker, but she's back in the studio now, doing what she loves best: singing songs about her heartbreaks. 

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