'Haylor' Spending More Time Together [PHOTOS]

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Despite the open death threats on Twitter and widespread Taylor Swift hate spread around on social networking sites, Taylor Swift is just not getting the message. Clearly, Harry Styles is turning a deaf ear and blind eye towards his female fans. This just goes to show that the "Haylor" duo is getting stronger than ever and in fact the two have been spending more time together than usual.

"Directioners" can be pretty obsessed over the boys of 1D namely Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. This obsession has reached the point where the boys' girlfriends have been targeted with death threats and cyber bullying. Still, the boys continue with their relationships not bothering with their obsessed fans.

With the latest 1D couple, Harry Styles and his country crooner, Taylor Swift, "Directioners" weren't quite happy with the news. Some have resorted to tweeting death threats on Twitter of which also include Eminem, Marshal Mathers' daughter, Hailee Mathers. Yet, this did not stop the "Haylor" duo from still seeing each other.

In fact, if anything things are getting more serious between the cute couple. Harry Styles was spotted using Taylor Swift's private jet on his way to London. Well, to make things even more clear, Taylor Swift was on the same private jet as well.

The two enjoyed the romantic flight together on their way to London from New York City for the Jingle Bell Concert at the O2 Arena last Saturday, December 9, 2012. Harry Styles was the only member of 1D who happened to share a free flight with Swift because the other boys of One Direction had taken their own flight. Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam landed at the Heathrow Airport last Saturday.

Rumor has it, the "Haylor" couple enjoyed a few hours to them at the VIP area of the Jingle Ball at the O2 Arena. "Directioners", who are still in denial better start waking up and smell the reality that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are definitely getting serious.

In fact, things are getting really serious that Harry might just put a ring on it. Styles was recently spotted at the LA Jeweller, Robert Procop looking for a fancy ring.

"Harry's been on the phone to leading LA jeweller Robert Procop, who designed Angelina Jolie's engagement ring. He's been asking advice on what pieces can be made, or what are already available that would suit Taylor. Harry doesn't want anything too over the top. He's happy to splash the cash on a nice ring, not an engagement ring or anything silly like that," claimed the source to Daily Star, adding, "He's looking for something traditional. He wants a fun, colourful stone. Harry really is the ultimate romantic, very sentimental and generous. He's only just getting to know Taylor but as her birthday is coming up next week he wants to buy something lovely for her. Everyone who knows Harry knows he'll always go the extra mile for a girlfriend. He's done some mad things in the past."

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