'Haylor' Getting Back Together?

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Apparently, the "Jelena" drama isn't the only the latest split that is plaguing the news. Another latest update on the famous split between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift is up. Get this, the two are said to reunite. Is this something "Haylor" fans should be hyped about and "Directioners" to get pissed at once again?

According to a source, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have been missing each other since the split. A source told Heat Magazine that Swift and Styles are ready to get another shot back at love. How true are the talks it this time around and hasn't Harry already moved on with rumored model girlfriend, Cara Delevingne?

"They won't let each other go that easily. They're waiting for the dust to settle after their row made front-page news. But this is not the last you've seen of their romance," said the source to Heat, adding, "They miss each other now that they're apart, they've been in contact since the day Taylor left Harry in the Caribbean. [They] are planning to meet up in the next couple of weeks. They are both pretty serious about each other, this is just a blip."

However, another source says a totally different statement. Harry Styles is allegedly done and over with Swift and her "controlling" behavior. Swift's possessiveness was "too intense" for Harry that he had to call it over.

"They had fun, but the pressure was way too much, and Harry couldn't handle the intense scrutiny," stated the insider to OK! Magazine.

"Sure, he's dated famous women before, but Taylor was on a whole other lever. Harry was being told what to wear and he was under strict instruction to not talk about his girlfriend. Anyone who knows Harry knows that's impossible!" continued the source.

Harry might have obviously moved on but Swift is still not over with the split. A source to Hollywood Life says that Swift has been sending heartbroken texts to Harry Styles non-stop. Judging from Styles move of completely ignoring Swift, the texts won't likely work this time around.

For one, Swift should focus on making music given she's already broken up with another famous guy. "Directioners" should definitely expect a hit song by February dedicated to Harry Styles and how he had broken Swift's heart.

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