"Haylor" Back On: Taylor Swift Flies to London, Waiting for Harry Styles? [PHOTOS]


Taylor Swift landed in London on Monday, as sources say. Maybe a coincidence, but it was reported that ex, Harry Styles is also enjoying a couple of days off work in the same city. Is Taylor attention-crazy to get him back?

Taylor Swift is not done doing "everything" to win Harry Back. First, she posted on her Twitter page that she is back in the studio probably recording her Harry Styles break-up song, with a telling "uh oh...." at the end of the tweet. Then she tirelessly calls Harry in an attempt to "make-up." Now, the country singer flies to Harry's hometown of London on Monday.

"Once she disembarked, she was met by a bodyguard and a driver who took her straight into a central London," said a source to E! Online.

"She is staying at a London hotel. She seemed excited to be here. She was heard saying how pretty London looked (it's covered in snow at the moment)." added the insider.

Swift and Styles called it quits at the beginning of the year after their vacation in the Virgin Gonda Islands. Swift was seen leaving the paradise early on her own while Styles stayed to continue his partying.

There have been many "alleged" reasons behind the sudden break-up. Some say it is mainly because Taylor and Harry aren't sexually compatible, and that Harry wants to go out all the time while Taylor prefers to stay at home. Another possible reason is Harry's lingering feelings towards his ex, model Cara Delevigne.

No matter what the real reason behind the split is, it looks like Taylor is desperate to get back with Styles. Will we see a reconciliation happening any time soon? We'll have to wait and see.

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