Hashtag Uncensored: Liam Payne Drives Fans Into Frenzy with Naked Photo, Double Standard in Hollywood Highlighted Again

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One Direction
Members of the music group One Direction (L-R) Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayne Malik, Liam Payne and Harry Styles pose for photographers during a photocall for their film 'One Direction; This is Us' in London August 19 2013. REUTERS/SUZANNE PLUNKETT

Wardrobe malfunction or intentional? One Direction hottie Liam Payne shocked and caused a melt down on the Internet with his nude photo. Malfunction or not, nobody really cares. Of course, there are also those who asks if this is a form of double standard, or a case of sexism.

Mirror UK reports that the One Direction member suffered from a serious wardrobe malfunction when he posted a picture on Instagram looking all good and hunky, but sans his pants. The photo caused his fans to go into frenzy, which is not that surprising. Aside from salivating about his hunkiness, people want to know where his trunks went or who got his trunks.

Even though the picture was pixelated to save the band member's modesty, it certainly did nothing to the imaginations of fans. Everyone is still talking about it.

Liam does not look like he's enjoying being shot naked though. He got his hands spread wide and his face conveys shock and disbelief that he has been caught in such a state of undress. He looked really perfect still even with such a shocked face. The bearded ID member seems tanned to the perfection. He also look fit and toned.

Certainly he knows this, which is why he still posted the picture despite being shocked about it. He captioned the photo, "Damn that was my last pair!"

The picture was taken after he relaxed by a pool in Madrid, topless.

One Direction fans want him to "uncensor" the photo (check out the trending #UncensorItLiam) and haters are making quick jokes about size, 2 paragraphs reported.

Because of the good reception of the people of this picture, 2 paragraphs thought to ask  whether this is another case of double standard in Hollywood. Why is that Liam gets away with having a picture of "almost" naked posted online and even lauded for it?  While Miley Cyrus and other female stars who snap a topless picture of themselves get flak?

Good thing Miley Cyrus does not care. She just went ahead and posed a picture of herself topless in a desert, reportedly to tell people she's alive and well after an Internet hoax of her being dead circulated.

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