From Hashtag to Reality: Miley Makes Wish Come True for Leukemia Patient Lulu Martinez [VIDEO/PHOTO]

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Lulu Martinez, a young woman from central Minnesota who is battling leukemia for the second time, had her dream come true to meet her favourite singer Miley Cyrus finally. The wish for Lulu came true on Monday night at the Miley Cyrus concert at Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota. Lulu got to meet the "Wrecking Ball" songstress backstage and had a big smile on her face.

The whole meeting was planned by Lulu's elder sister Brittany who had the desire to do something special for Lulu. Brittany started a Twitter campaign to see if she could get Lulu to meet Miley. She spread the hash tag #MileytoLulu on Twitter among her friends and the hash tag started to trend and showed its effect in less than a months' time. The news reached Miley and she agreed to meet not only Lulu but her friends too backstage. Check out the picture below.

So how was the experience to meet her favourite person live? Was she nervous or cool? Lulu told that it was one of the most memorable experiences for her.

"Well, at first I was because I wasn't feeling good and I'm like, I'm going to meet Miley and I'm going to puke and she's going to remember me as the girl who puked, but I didn't puke. I was all good. It went smooth," Lulu told the Web site.

"It was memorable. It was nice. She just asked how we were and she said she liked my shirt," says Lulu, according to the Web site.

As a gesture of a loving fan, Lulu presented Miley with one of her own T-shirts and a team Lulu bracelet. The group took lot of pictures and videos. So she has met the iconic and most popular singer face to face, what next?

"I'll probably brag about it at school until I graduate and then after I get married too," Lulu said light-heartedly, according to the Web site. "I'll probably just keep following her on Twitter like I usually do and obsessing like I usually do," Lulu added, according to the Web site.

Kudos to her sister Brittany for making this wonderful meeting with Miley Cyrus possible for her little sis!

Brittany says she feels "amazing" that she could do this in less than a month's time. "Just thankful for everyone that's helped," Brittany added. Check out the video of their meeting here.

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