Has Prince William's Former Nanny Jessie Webb Agreed to Take Care of Royal Baby? [PHOTOS]

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History is repeating itself: Kate Middleton has been spotted in London with Jessie Webb, former nanny of Price Williams and Prince Harry. Webb reportedly helped the Duchess take care of royal baby George while she stopped at a London McDonalds on Tuesday on her way to the palace.

The photographs of Jesse Webb emerging out of Kate's car are published by the New York Daily News on Wednesday. The Duchess of Cambridge was photographed with Webb in the parking lot of the restaurant where she took a brief break to feed baby George on her way to Kensington Palace.


The Duchess looked chick in black skin tight pants and light green Ralph Lauren blazer sans any makeup. She was wearing matching loafers and had her hair tied all up in a messy look. The former nanny to Prince Williams, who is now 71 years of age, was seen sitting in the car looking out and in another picture is seen helping Kate.

Speculations of Kate and William hiring their old nanny started last month when the Royal Baby Blog reported that she has been approached to help the new parents as they return to London. However, it was not clear if Webb was willing to make herself busy again with the job of taking care of the baby at this age.

Britain's newspaper Sunday People has reported that Prince Williams has fond memories with Webb who took care of him as a baby just like her mother.

"William has fond memories of Jessie and they've put the idea to her that she comes back," a former colleague of Webb told the paper.

Webb was actually "flattered" by the offer but was concerned about the working hours at her age.

"I think she's very flattered," the source said adding that Webb was "sorely tempted to help the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, (but was) concerned about having full-time duties again."

But the recently released pictures show that the former nanny was too attached to the Prince and has given in to the feeling to take care of William's baby. The royal couple reportedly have no nanny to themselves and Kate has been a fully time mommy till now. 

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