Harry Styles Waves Hammer with Israeli Flag: Slammed by Fans for Supporting Murder of Innocent Children - Reports [SEE VIDEO]

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Harry Styles has been slammed by his fans for reportedly supporting Israel in the wake of recent war between Gaza and Israel. During one of his recent concerts, Harry asked his fans to hand him a huge inflatable hammer, which had an Israeli flag on it. The singer simply sung his song by waving that hammer and did not shout any slogans for pro-Israel. But his actions were enough to cause the furor. Watch video below.

However many of his anti-Israel fans have slammed the curly haired One Directioner for supporting "murder and killing of innocent children" in Israel. Twitter has been inundated with messages that the singer should not have taken his "Hebrew hammer" and supported the country at war.

"if you support israel youre supporting the murders of thousands of families and i dont care if youre harry styles or my mom it's disgusting," writes @shiverharry on Twitter on July 23.

"Stop supporting Israel and open your eyes. many people are dying for no reason," writes acar_Seray on Twitter on July 20.

However, many of One Direction fans are also happy that the singer has chosen support Israel and not Gaza.

"Dear @Harry_Styles Israel loves you very much and we are in a war !!? So if you'll say something it will mean so!!much!!to!!us!! Love ya bro," writes a Harry Styles fan @shakedfarhi on Twitter.

The whole scenario started when Ben Wintson, producer and director of number of One Direction songs, tweeted a link to an article on Huffington Post titled, "Why I'm Pro-Israeli AND Pro-Palestinian." The article was reportedly noticed by Harry and he followed the writer of the article Lliana Bird on Twitter. This prompted many of his fans to think that Harry is pro-Israel.

Dimples, one of Harry Styles fan on Tumbr blog is of the opinion that whatever Harry Styles did during his concert with the Israel-flag hammer was out of ignorance and the "Midnight Memories" singer needs to educate him on the subject before any such action.

"I hope that one day he can open his eyes and see the truth, but for now he should read a few books or educate himself about a region in extreme turmoil before he so publicly supports it. He's ignorant on the subject, but that's not an excuse," Dimples write on the blog on Tumblr and the entire entry can be read here.

Meanwhile, check out the Harry Styles video below where is seen with the hammer with Israel flag.

Source: Youtube.com/shirazush000

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