Harry Styles Talks Taylor Swift: "She's a great performer"

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One Direction member, Harry Styles has finally broken the silence with regards to his split from country crooner, Taylor Swift. While Swift has been openly dissing Harry Styles, Harry has taken the high road in the break-up and has been saying nothing but praises for Swift. So what did Harry Styles have to say?

The "Haylor" split didn't cause quite a shock among fans. In fact, the chance of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift hooking up in the first place caused an even bigger riot. Like what fans had been telling Styles, Swift had merely used him for a break-up song inspiration.

Now that Swift and Styles have officially broken up, what has Swift been saying about the break-up? Well, acting like the 23-year old that she is, Swift has been taking the split to heart. From performing at the Grammy Awards to shooting the music video for "22", Swift has done nothing but diss Styles.

"Directioners" have taken to Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook in defence of Harry Styles. Yet, now Harry Styles is ready to speak up on the split. Did Styles do as Swift and diss the singer or did Harry take the high road in Hollywood break-up history?

Proving that age isn't always a basis for the level of maturity, Styles had nothing but great things to say about ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift. In an interview with London Capital FM's Max, things took a "Swift" turn from all things One Direction to everything Taylor Swift.

"I'm OK. Thank you for asking," answered Styles when asked how he was, adding, "I'm good."

What else did Harry have to add?

"Oh, it's fine," said Styles with regards to Swift's Grammy Awards performance. "She's a great performer and she always performs great. She's always good on stage. She's been doing it a long time. She knows what she's doing on stage. It was just another good Taylor Swift performance. It was good," stated Styles.

Obviously, Styles has no bitter bone in his body nor does the singer bother with the bad break-up. Unlike Swift who dreads the day she sees Styles, Harry is welcoming the idea of bumping into the country crooner any day this week.

"I'm not worried about seeing her at all. She's a sweet girl, you know, I don't have a bad word to say about her," said Styles.

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