Harry Styles' Royal Ignore to Kendall Jenner: Crushed 'Keeping It Up With The Kardashian' Star Left in Tears?

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Is Harry Styles playing with Kendall Jenner's emotions? The One Direction singer has reportedly ditched Kendall just after few months of dating her. Moreover, Harry Styles has been giving a royal ignore to Kendall since the so-called break-up. Lets take a look on how Harry has emotionally broke the Jenner sister.

Harry Styles skipped Kendall Jenner's fashion show: Harry Styles totally dissed Kendall Jenner by being a no-show at the London Fashion Week where as he was very much present to cheer up Cara Delvengine at her own cat walk.

Harry Styles tossed his birthday party allegedly planned by Kendall: There were reports that Kendall Jenner, with a help of a common friend, had planned a birthday party for the One Direction at the Soho restaurant, The Box but Harry purposely missed the party as he did not want to be seen with Kendall Jenner.

Harry Styles spotted with Taylor Swift Backstage: In another diss to Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles refueled his reunion rumors with Taylor Swift when he was seen with her backstage. A video evidence surfaced on Taylor Swift Instagram account where she was seen having a good time with friends like Cara Delevingne and Ellie Goulding. However, the man in the video wasn't Harry Styles instead a man who had an eerie resemblance to him all thanks to the curly locks.

Harry Styles ignores Kendall Jenner phone calls: The recent reports suggest that Harry Styles left Kendall Jenner in tears by not replying to her text messages or calls. A source revealed to In Touch magazine, "Harry has repeatedly dissed Kendall by refusing to return her phone calls or text messages now that the two are no longer together."

Kendall is apparently crushed by the appalling behavior of Harry and she has been leaning on big sister Khloe for support.

It is quite shocking to know that Harry, who was once seen getting involved in a major PDA with Kendall at the Eagles concert, now has nothing to do with her. "Hendall" fans are sad for the couple and especially for Kendal who has been left alone to pick the pieces of her broken heart.

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