Harry Styles' Newest Flame: Get to Know More of Cara Delevingne [PHOTOS]


Taylor Swift might be busy making Harry Styles drool with her latest fashionable ensembles but it looks like Styles doesn't even care the least bit. News is that Styles has already found a replacement for Swift and that this new girl is hotter in every aspect including fashion. Who exactly is Harry Styles' newest girlfriend? Read on to find out.

The "Haylor" duo might have called it off quite "Swift"-ly all thanks to Taylor's obsessive attitude and Styles' sexual demeanor. However, not everyone in Hollywood is saddened about the break-up. In fact, "Directioners" are rejoicing that Styles has finally broken free from Swifts' clutches. The only thing they have to worry about is a break-up song sure to be written by Swift in memory of Harry Styles.

Styles, on the other hand, couldn't care less. Despite earlier reports claiming that the British cutie has taken the split to heart, things are ironically the other way around. Styles is more than happy and is in fact already dating another girl who in all ways is extremely better and hotter than Swift - sans the uncanny ability to write hit songs about former flames.

Harry's new girlfriend is none other than the model, Cara Delevingne. For those who don't know, Cara is a famous Burberry model who has walked for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last November. Delevingne used to be Styles' fling but the relationship was forced to end by Cara's modeling agency, Storm duo to social and publicity issues.

"Harry's not used to being dumped and he hasn't got Cara out of his system," explained a source to Yahoo! OMG, adding, "Harry's still smitten by her upmarket background, her fun lifestyle and her socialite world. It's a different world from Harry's and he wants to know what it's like from the inside. The man usually gets the girl but this one has eluded Harry and he hasn't given up."

Apparently, Cara is still smitten by Styles despite the "Haylor" controversy that flooded the web from November to January. In fact, the two are just about ready to move on from the "Haylor" drama and get on with the "Carry" pairing.

"Cara likes Harry a lot but at the moment she's put her career and ambition first, but they're still in touch and Harry wants her back," said the source.

"Harry is smitten with Cara and they're secretly very close," added the source to Heat Magazine.

Well, Swift is definitely old news and the country crooner can seriously stop putting up grown up clothes to get back at Harry. For one, Swift is no match for a model like Cara Delevingne.

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