Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Romance: Kendall Jenner Getting Modelling Assignment Because of Harry Styles Influence?

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Fans of Harry Styles are of the opinion that all the modeling assignments that Kendall Jenner is currently getting are either because of her affair with the One Direction boy or because of her relation to her sister Kim Kardashian and her fiancé Kanye West. Kendall Jenner was seen walking the ramp for Giles London Fashion Week Show.

The 18-year-old was seen dressed in a black and white ensemble and posted the picture of her on Love Magazine's Instagram page. "Hello from #LFW! Just walked #Giles and ready to take over for another day - @kendalljenner #KendallTakesOver #ImBack," reads the message at the page with the following picture.

Earlier Kendall walked the ramp for acclaimed fashion designer Marc Jacobs and created headlines by wearing no bra underneath and showing off her nipples. However there has been a lot of interesting comment exchanges happening between the "Directioners" (One Direction fans) and the fans of Kendall Jenner on various forums on the Internet.

One person alleges that it is all because of the influence of Harry Styles that Kendall is getting all these high profile assignments and has her presence felt in media.

"Once again, Kendall you better thank Harry. Another job given to you by Mr. Styles," writes geezus on the comment section of E! Online page. You can view here.

"Hey, a bunch of other professional models strutted down the catwalk too. Do they get their own articles?? When they've probably been around longer than Kendall has? Well of course not," writes another Kendall basher on E! Online.

"i bet she got into that show cause of her family and kim and kanye ****** backstage . im sorry for the hard working models in the show," writes yet another person named allie in comments section.

"She is getting all this attention because of Harry; all the interviews, modeling, etc is because she was seen with him and media knows that he likes fashion shows. Put her in it and yea, it'll be trendin on twitter!!!," writes yet another Kendall basher on E! Online.

There are several other comments from various readers which echo the same sentiment that Kendall is getting the work because of her connections and not because of her hard work. What are your views?

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