Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner Romance Dies : Kendall is A Bad Omen For Harry's One Direction Career?

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There is much speculation that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner may have pulled the stops on their rumored romance. The couple who started dating each other in November last year have no longer been spotted going on dates or watching concerts together. "Hendall" fans are worried that the couple may be over. So, what could be the reason for the falling apart of the much blooming love affair between Harry and Kendall?

Some reports suggest that it Harry's career that has strained his relationship with the "Keepin up with the Kardashian" star. Reportedly, Simon Cowell who had found the One Direction band reached Harry to warn him about the effect of dating a Kardashian female.

"Simon knows Harry and Kendall's relationship is great for One Direction's profile, but he's wary of Harry being sucked into the Kardashian circus," a source told Star magazine UK.

"He warned him that won't do him any favors long-term," added the source.

Do you think Harry has taken Simon Cowell's warning seriously and has parted ways from Kendall Jenner?

Reports also suggested that Kris Jenner wanted to have Harry in one of the episodes of "Keeping It Up With The Kardashians" and members of One Direction were purportedly threatened that Harry would soon become a pawn of Kris Jenner's money making games that would somehow help in the launch of his independent musical career.

A source revealed to Global Christianpost.com, "Kris will push them to do joint business ventures. She'll make sure she benefits off them."

"People who date the Kardashians end up cursed," revealed another insider. "Harry is loved by people around the world and his friends don't want Kris to sink her teeth into him."

Apparently, Kris Humphry and Lamar Odom's career finished after dating Kardshian females and this has scared Harry's fans and band members.  They too were worried that if Harry dates Kendall his career will also come to an end.

It seems Harry has taken his fans worries seriously and moved on to focus on his career. Let us know what you think about the sudden end of Harry and Kendall's relationship.  Do you think it is because of Harry's career that the couple has ended their relationship?

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