Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Romance 2014: Love Mania Ends in A Break- Up?

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Are Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner on the verge of breaking up? The buzz is that Harry's growing closeness to Pat Benater's daughter Haley Girlado has got him in bad books of Kendall Jenner. According to reports by Calssicalite.com, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner may call it quits since Harry Styles is allegedly dating Haley behind Kendall's back.

Popular gossip magazine Star stated a source saying "Harry and Haley met in L.A. last year at a One Direction concert and have seen each other on the sly anytime Harry has been back in town. They talk almost every day when he's home in London, and he sends Haley lots of romantic gifts. They've been trying to keep it on the down-low."

And the rumor mill is abuzz with a claim that Kendall is devastated by this news. Though previously it came to surface that Kendall is busy promoting her sister Kylie Jenner's fashion line and is least bothered by such gossips. Yet, according to a source close to the Jenner sisters, Kendall is ostensibly upset.

"She really loves Harry and had opened herself up to him. It hurts to find out they weren't exclusive like she thought," the source revealed to the magazine.

However, contrary to these reports, Haley Girlado has refuted the "Harry Styles dating" rumors. She told E!online that these rumors are a lie and she has no idea where all these fabricated stories gets sourced.

"Where do they come up with such crazy stories with zero merit! You keep your personal life private, and people just make up their own stories. Where do they come up with this s**t and why me ugh."

Haley further said that,  "Whoever is spreading lies needs to stop. It's really not ok."

"Hendall" fans are still confused in regards to Harry and Kendall relationship status. The couple has not gone official about their relationship and Harry is always in news for flirting or romancing new girls.

Let us know what you think about Harry and Kendall's relationship. Do you think they are exclusive or Harry is still trying his luck with other girls?

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