Harry Styles Did Not Celebrate his 20th Birthday with Girlfriend Kendall Jenner: Where was Kendall?

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Feb. 1 was the birthday of One Direction hottie Harry Styles. The curly haired cutie turned 20 on Saturday but did not get back home to United Kingdom for Birthday celebrations. Many websites are telling stories that Harry Styles celebrated his special day with girlfriend Kendall Jenner. But this might just not be true. Let's find out what the truth is.

According to photographic evidence collected by Examiner.com, Kendall was having a good time shopping with her girlfriends in New York City on Feb. 1. The 18-year-old reportedly stopped by Time Warner Cable Studios to pose for the photographers.  New York is the place where many celebrities have gathered for the Super Bowl event. Harry Styles was nowhere to be seen in New York, reports the web site.

Few days earlier than Harry's birthday, Sunday People website reported that Harry and Kendall would spend the day together at Kendall's father Bruce Jenner's luxury Malibu mansion.

"Kendall was really keen to make Harry's birthday a memorable one. Her dad Bruce owns an ­incredible clifftop holiday home in California which has amazing views, a source told Sunday People.

"The secluded house is perfect for them to spend quality time together. It's also ideal for a party with Kendall's sisters," it added.

But there is no proof that any of the above happened. Bruce Jenner has been caught up in the sex change drama while Kendall was busy shopping in New York on Harry Styles birthday. There is no news as to where Harry Styles was on his birthday. He was not pictured by media on that day. What we can inform you is that the 20-year-old birthday boy logged in to Twitter to than his fans for a charity work on his special day.

"Just saw ­donations to @believeinmagicx for my birthday. Thank you.. You're all very very kind and nice.xx," Harry Tweeted on his birthday. It is highly unlikely Kendall would have taken a long flight ( 6-7 hours) from New York to Malibu to make the plans work? What are your views? Where was Harry Styles on his birthday? Did he and Kendall had a midnight celebration to avoid the media glare or were they not together at all on the special day?

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