Harry Styles Dating Kendall Jenner 2014: Former to Quit One Direction?

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Is Harry Styles all set to quit One Direction because of Kendall Jenner? The grapevine has it that Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles intense romance is causing rift between Harry Styles and the One Direction members.

In December, Harry Styles left his band mates in Paris to spend the night with Kendall Jenner in London.  It was reported that the band was performing in Paris and Harry flew to London after the performance just to meet his ladylove. However, what looked like infatuation that time has now turned into an intense relationship, which is apparently taken a toll on Harry's equation with One Direction.

A source exclusively told OK! Magazine, "Kendall's a sweet girl, but [the band] sees her as a bigger threat than Taylor Swift ever was. She seems to have cast a spell over Harry and it's disrupting other areas of his life because he's always wanting to spend time with her or chat with her on the phone when they're apart. It's causing a lot of unrest."

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were recently spotted getting involved in a major PDA at the Eagles concert and the fans who spotted them said they looked like they were a couple and were in love.

However, the flip side to this alleged love affair is that it is causing some intense tension between the One Direction boys, so much so that they are getting involved in  a physical brawl.

"The other day, Harry and Niall [Horan] almost came to blows when Niall confronted Harry when he showed up late for a meeting," says the same source to the magazine. "Things got out of hand before Zayn [Malik] stepped in to break them up."

It is also being speculated that Kendall Jenner's mother Kris Jenner is turning to be a big influence in Harry's life. Reportedly, she even wants Harry to appear in one of the episodes of KUWTK.

All said and done, Harry's fans will be really unhappy if he decides to quit 1D beause of Kendall. Let us know your thoughts.

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