Harry Styles Caught Bum Naked, Peeing In Bush - But Why 'Beliebers' Angry? [VIDEO]


A photo of Harry Styles caught with his pants down (probably drunk) and peeing in a bush is going rounds on Internet. A Twitter user @1D news + Updates has posted the picture with a caption "u have a cute bum." Harry is wearing a blue sweatshirt and is standing with his naked bum towards the camera. Aside from the naked bum in the photo, Harry is peeing in a bush!

According to metro.co.uk, the picture has been taken at the house of American rapper and producer Mix-A-Lot. "@That1DWWUpdate @Harry_Styles oh wait.... That's my house!! Those are my bushes!!," writes Mix-A-Lot on Twitter.

The One Direction cutie seems to have acknowledged that this is his picture and taken it in a light hearted manner. "Mix-A-Lot's in trouble," said Harry Styles on Twitter, referring to his naked bum picture.

The fans of One Direction seem happy to see their famous singer with pants down but you will be surprised to know that fans of Canadian crooner Justin Bieber are angry at seeing the picture of Harry peeing in bushes. You may ask why?

The Harry-peeing picture reminds the "Beliebers" of the controversy surrounding the picture of Justin Bieber where he was caught peeing in a mop bucket in a hotel, after he was drunk.

"Harry Styles can do all this, but when it comes to Justin Bieber, it's all over the news saying how bad idol he is," said Noera on Twitter.

"When Harry Styles is half naked, drunked and peeing: hahah, that's funny. When Justin Bieber peeing: EUW WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM!," writes @ OnlyBieberRules on Twitter.

"Why does nobody care about harry styles drunk&peeing half naked onto a bush ? If that was Justin Bieber it would be breaking news everywhere," writes another angry Belieber @ erinaredballoon

"oh but no. No one cares if Harry Styles was even naked peeing. its all about Justin Bieber," writes shineonjustin on Twitter.

"*harry styles, drunk peeing on a bush* "oh my god aw thats so cute" *justin bieber peeing in a bucket* "what a bad role model" now you see?," writes another Belieber @biebertwerk.

"Why isn't the media obsessing over Harry Styles peeing on a bush? It would be totally different if it was Justin Bieber," writes @Chelseamaltex on Twitter.

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Do you think "Beliebers" have a point when it comes to getting angry over Harry Styles peeing picture not getting criticized as much as Justin Bieber's did? Justin Bieber has always been in news for all the wrong reasons and was most recently arrested for driving under the influence and was even caught drag racing. Comparatively, Harry has a cleaner image and tries to stay out of controversies except his girlfriends. What are your views?


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