Harry Styles Allegedly 'Using' Taylor Swift for Publicity? [PHOTOS]


Scott Swift may be on to something when he warned Harry Styles of "cooling it off" with daughter, Taylor Swift. While the "Haylor" duo has got the whole world feeling all lovey-dovey, insiders claim it's only a stunt pulled by One Direction hottie, Harry Styles. Rumor has it that Harry Styles is simply using Taylor Swift for the publicity. How true are the rumors?

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have been hanging out together non-stop. The famed duo has been spotted travelling from one country and city to the next. Despite separate musical careers, the two are quite eager to spend each second with the other. To date, the couple had spent New Year's Eve smooching publicly at the Big Apple and immediately after flew off to the Caribbean.

Yet, while the couple may appear all lovey-dovey for the cameras, sources claim that Harry Styles is simply using Taylor Swift. If readers may recall, it was Swift who had first been rumored to have been using Styles for publicity. Now, it's the other way around.

"Haylor was orchestrated by [Harry's] publicists to cast even more light on the handsome teen pop idol. Little does Taylor know that Harry's handlers went to great lengths to put the two together because she's such a huge star. Anytime Taylor starts dating a new guy she gets a flurry of media attention, and her breakups receive even more," says an insider to The Enquirer.

If that were true, then Styles' ways of romancing Swift with expensive gifts seem to be a sure-fire method of keeping Taylor under complete wraps. News has it that Styles had spent a surprising amount of money for Swift's New Year's present of which he had handpicked himself.

"Harry handpicked the present for Taylor while he was back home. He found it in a second-hand shop and she was impressed when he handed it to her. He gave it to her at the plush hotel they stayed in while they were celebrating New Year in New York. Harry is head over heels for Taylor and even admitted he loves her while they were in the Big Apple," says the source to The Sun.

Representatives of Harry Styles still have not spoken up about the issue. For now, all "Haylor" fans can hope for that all the rumors stay as rumors.

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