Harry Potter' Star Daniel Radcliffe Stars in Movie Adaptation of the Book 'Horns' [VIDEO/PHOTOS]

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The bestselling novel by Joe Hill will finally have a movie adaptation. The movie "Horns" stars "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe who will play the role of Ig Perrish.

Also starring in the movie is Juno Temple who will play Daniel Radcliffe's girlfriend in the movie. There are no release dates for the movie yet but it seems to be building quite a fan base as the book has quite a huge base of readers.

Joe Hill's novel "Horns" is a story about Ig Perrish, Daniel Radcliffe. His girlfriend, Merrin, played by Juno Temple is murdered and everyone suspects him to be the killer, which he did not. He grows a set of horns in which no one can explain why making matters worse for Ig. Ig finally learns that his horns draws out of people their deepest and darkest thoughts and confessions and it happens whether he likes it or not but soon learns how to handle these and find out who killed Merrin.

The novel is well written and it is scary, funny and really good to read all at the same time. Daniel Radcliffe is an excellent actor and he may be the right person to play the role of Ig Perrish.

The movie adaptation finished filming and it has already been shown in Toronto. Those who haven't read the book should do so as it is a good read and those who have there is no date yet for the release of the movie but reports says that it will be released this year.

Hill had watched the movie and had said that Radcliffe was particularly good in the movie. This statement alone says a lot about a movie when the author of the actual book from which the movie is adapted talks about it and likes it.

See the trailer of "Horns" here: Horns Movie U.S. Rights Picked Up, Still No Release Date Yet

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